Terri Alexander, owner of the Santa Barbara Animal Hospital, contracted Bacon Group, Inc. to design a free-standing veterinarian hospital where Terri planned to expand her list of services to include physical therapy, in-house radiology, aqua-therapy, and boarding. The building was located on a site in a builder-abandoned region of south Florida. Terri requested a traditional Key West/Florida-style design with sustainable specific elements. There is a large trellis shading floor-to-ceiling windows on the south and west facades and a cupola that houses HVAC intake, exhaust and natural ventilation required for specific spaces. Each exam room and interior prep area uses solar tubes for light and a solar water heater to limit electrical needs.

Project: Santa Barbara Animal Hospital
Location: Santa Barbara, Florida
Project Size: 4,995 SF total building
Completion Date: July 2011
Cost: $1,550,000.00

Bacon Group, Inc. and Richard Bacon is the Architect of Record. I was the lead designer/project manager from commencement to construction completion.