The City of Chesapeake contracted with Bacon Group, Inc. to design a high-profile facility in a newly designated government center. The goal was to create a more public-friendly building to increase adoption rates and create a healthy environment for the animals. The facility housed 300+ dogs and 200+ cats, a full clinic, and the dispatch service for the Animal Services Division. Stone facades were a required element along with sustainable features. The entire roof is covered with a photovoltaic array used to power all heating equipment and a partial lighting system used during the day combined with natural day lighting.

Project: Chesapeake Animal Services
Location: Chesapeake, Virginia
Project Size: 65,000 SF total building
Completion Date: January 2013
Cost: $11,700,000

Bacon Group, Inc. was a consulting firm to a local architect. RRMM Architects and Dan Hickok is the Architect of Record. I was the lead designer from programming though the design development phases.