This project stemmed from a conversation with an elderly small boat builder who missed what he loved to do.  He enjoyed building canoes and kayaks by hand but had reached a point in his life that he just couldn’t do it as easily anymore. He explained he had trouble moving them around and water testing them.

This project dealt with a couple of facets of the conversation and interpretation. This construct provides a living space in conjunction with a work space that has certain mechanical enhancements to allow him to continue his work.

The building is located on a coastal estuary with direct access to the water and a link back to land. The structure is self-sufficient with a cistern tank that collects water and a small garden area between the work area and living space to accompany his fresh meals. All openings are protected by large pivoting doors that can provide protection from storms or be opened and used as shading.

His work area is fitted with a cable and pully system that allows manually cranked counter-weight and connection point to lift, move and lower boats in and out of the water or building stands.

This concept allows a “semi-retired” person to live in a self-supporting structure on a rural landscape and provides provisions for him to keep doing his craft.

Live/Work for a “Retired” Craftsman
Completed: Fall 2009